Better Life Organisation


BLO consists of a number of concerned community members who have come together to improve the lives of others.

The Better Life Organisation is a public, non – profit organisation established for the following objectives

  • Real job creation schemes;
  • Education (scholarships, bursaries), providing that the candidates have proved themselves capable and are keen to go forward
  • Disabled;
  • One-off humanitarian;
  • Sport (that focussed on kids off the street and education);

The secondary objectives of the Association include:

  • Developing and utilising local skills to execute the projects;
  • Ensuring that all quality of life projects have measurable benefits for the targeted individuals.
  • All members of this voluntary association will give of their time freely and receive zero compensation for hours worked.
  • Managing the organisation to ensure that the minimum of donation money is spent on administration costs (unless the donation is intended for this purpose).
  • The activities of the organisation will always be carried out in a non-profit manner and with an altruistic or philanthropic intent.

(Note: per Constitution of BLO February 2018)