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| September 13, 2017

The Aim of the Project:

1.Alleviate the burden of the lack of educational tools to the children of incarcerated offenders and unemployed parolees and ex-mates by providing school uniforms, school shoes, books, stationery and school bags.

Many of the children have not been in a position to receive ‘brand new’ school uniforms as they always had to rely on ‘hand-me-down’ uniform.  This in itself is a huge highlight to them and motivation to continue with school.

In many instances the caregivers are not aware of the required size the children wear as they do not often purchase clothing items from the shops.  We have to request the caregiver to take the children to the uniform supplier first for fittings in order to obtain accurate sizes.

  1. Monitor the progress of the children, instil hope and encourage them to strive to obtain better results.
  2. Encourage children to complete their school grades in order to create a positive lifestyle for a better future as they face the evils of drug and alcohol abuse and gangsterism in their areas daily.
  3. Render ongoing spiritual and emotional support to the guardians/care givers of the children as they face many challenges with the absence of the parent/s in the lives of these children.

Progress of the Project:

  1. The project is progressing well.  Thus far we have been able to assist and honor all the requests received for basic school requirements.
  2. The caregivers also express gratitude towards Better Life Organization as they are not able to provide school items requested by the children throughout the year.
  3. With the cold winter months that approached we were, through Better Life Organization, able to purchase winter uniforms such as school track suites, long sleeve white school shirts, woollen pantyhose, caps, gloves, scarfs, long grey trousers and rain jackets.


Better Life is at the moment considering funding for this Project for 2018.


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