Project VUKA

The Better Life Organisation is proud to introduce project Vuka! With your help, we aim to build two Astro Turf pitches (one-full size, one half-size) right in the centre of Khayelitsha.

It all started when we heard the fascinating story about how a primary school hockey team from Khayelitsha, with nothing but an old, cracked tennis court to practice on, became the top primary school team in the Western Cape.

Inspired by the success of Ikhwezilesizwe Primary’s hockey team, we started dreaming about the possibilities if more young people from Khayelitsha had access to the sport – the opportunities it would present for them to excel beyond their current circumstances, and the benefits that the growing sport could hold for the local community.

The Vuka dream started taking shape. A half-size pitch would be built at Ikhwezilesizwe Primary, while a full-size pitch would be donated to Khayelitsha Sports Club, to ensure the advancement of the sport beyond primary school level. The club is home to an existing hockey community and is located within a 2km radius of 21 schools, providing access to sports facilities within walking distance for over 20,000 pupils.

With 20 schools already signed up to start hockey teams, and large donations having been made by generous donors, Vuka is moving fast!

For more information, see our profiler below:

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