| September 18, 2017


Niklaus and Nigel visited the SIMANYENE CENTRE to see how the new equipment was working .

A hoist was purchased to help lift the boys off and onto their wheelchairs and is a great success for both parties , the helpers and the boys !

We also bought an EYE GAZE programme for Siya  to use whilst in his wheelchair . This allows him to work his Ipad  using his eyes to move the programme around  similar to a  keyboard .

Sue says Siya’s reading has improved immensely since acquiring the ipad for him . Whilst we chatted to the staff and children , the Centre was visited by the Health Inspectors from Cape Town  who were very impressed with the activities in the Centre – A fitness and stretching class was busy in one room , whilst the computers were all occupied with educational games being played by the children and a needlework class keeping the attention of the others !



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